Saturday, January 2, 2016

Mookie Blaylock (a.k.a. Pearl Jam) - Live @ Off Ramp Cafe, Seattle, USA, 22-10-1990

NOTE: Years before success led them to become one of the biggest bands in the world, a group called Mookie Blaylock took the stage at a small club in Seattle on a cold October night. The Off Ramp Cafe (which is now gone) was situated in a weird, semi-desolate block in what was then a sleepier, dirtier city – a dank northwestern outpost of day laborers, lumberjacks and jet mechanics. But this show, on Oct. 22, 1990, was a direct precursor to the grunge explosion. Soon after, the band changed their name to Pearl Jam and began their jump to the forefront of mainstream culture. 'Girl' hasn't appeared on a setlist since this show.
Supporting bands: Inspector Luv and the Ride Me Babies (who later became Green Apple Quickstep) and Bathtub Gin.
A historic concert!

Source: Soundboard
Sound Quality: 10/10

1.     Even Flow (soundcheck)
2.     Release
3.     Alone
4.     Alive
5.     Once
6.     Even Flow
7.     Black
8.     Breath
9.     Girl
Bonus track:
10.  Alive (Moore Theatre, Seattle, 22-12-1990)

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320kbps mp3


  1. Thanks ofr that!!!

  2. This is not Live at the off ramp. This is a crappy mislabelled copy of the first week rehearsal demo. The real live at the off ramp is available on YouTube and elsewhere. But this isn't it.

  3. This is not live at the off ramp. It's just a mislabelled copy of the first week rehearsal demo. And there are better quality versions of that available. The real live at the off ramp is sourced from an audience vhs of the show and is widely available on YouTube


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