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Blur - Live @ Mile End Stadium, London, England, 17-06-1995

NOTE: On June 17, 1995, Blur played their first stadium concert in London. Mile End was the first gig Blur played that confirmed the stature of their popularity and if the concert was poor, they could have hurt their reputation. Fortunately, the concert was an unqualified success, as this bootleg of the show proves.
Performing with a horn section and an extra keyboardist, Blur sounded tough, eclectic, and frenetic, tearing through "Bank Holiday" at an unprecedented speed, but slowing down to give "This Is A Low" a properly epic arrangement.
In between, they ran through most of the highlights of Parklife and Modern Life Is Rubbish, throwing in a couple of Leisure tracks ("She's So High") and new songs along the way. "Country House" was premiered at the gig, as was "Stereotypes'" and "Globe Alone". Mile End cuts a few songs off of set list - notably the ravishing "Badhead" - but the sound quality is superb and the disc's running time is stretched to the limit.
For dedicated Blur fans, it's an essential purchase - it captures the band at the peak of their powers at the peak of their popularity during the summer of Britpop.
Not the complete show - missing 3 tracks.

Source: FM Broadcast
Sound Quality: 10/10

1.     Tracy Jacks
2.     Sunday Sunday
3.     Chemical World
4.     End of a Century
5.     Globe Alone
6.     Popscene
7.     Magic America
8.     Country House
9.     Jubilee
10.  To the End
11.  Advert
12.  Girls & Boys
13.  She's So High
14.  Stereotypes
15.  Far Out
16.  Bank Holiday
17.  For Tomorrow
18.  Parklife (with Phil Daniels)
19.  Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Made for Two) (with Phil Daniels) (Only known UK performance)
20.  This Is a Low

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