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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Nirvana - Live @ The King's Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 22-06-1992


NOTE: Kurt collapsed the morning after this show whilst about to sit down with the rest of the band for Breakfast, he was rushed to Royal Victoria Hospital from the Europa Hotel but was discharged later that day. Eyewitnesses say that Kurt got into an altercation with a bouncer who punched him in the side of his already ailing stomach, the bouncer was harassing a kid and kurtt got involved, this was apparently whilst kurt was onstage at this show. Kurt was already complaining of stomach issues before this show in the vip lounge at the back of the Kings Hall. It is unknown if this is was due to his stomach condition or if he was experiencing withdrawal symptoms.
Courtney Love purchased a guys black and red striped jumper at this show and gave it to Kurt. The same jumper would appear in a music video and multiple live shows, it is regarded as one of the most iconic pieces of clothing kurt wore next to the smells like teen spirit video t-shirt and his unplugged jacket.
Concert divided into separate tracks by Live Bootlegs Blog.
Source: Audience
Sound Quality: 7/10
1.     (Intro @Tape - Smells Like Teen Spirit - Tori Amos version)
2.     Aneurysm
3.     Drain You
4.     Stay Away
5.     Sliver
6.     School
7.     In Bloom
8.     Breed
9.     About a Girl
10.  Scoff
11.  Polly
12.  Lithium
13.  Blew
14.  Been a Son
15.  On a Plain
16.  Swap Meet
17.  Negative Creep
18.  (banter - encore)
19.  Come As You Are
20.  Love Buzz (Shocking Blue cover)
21.  Smells Like Teen Spirit
22.  Territorial Pissings
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Nirvana - Live @ The King's Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 22-06-1992

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