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Thievery Corporation - Live @ Washington Monument, Washington, USA, 24-09-2005

NOTE: Thievery Corporation is a Washington, D.C. based recording artist and DJ collective consisting of Rob Garza, Eric Hilton, and their supporting artists Rob Myers, Loulou Ghelichkhani, Natalia Clavier, Frank 'Booty Lock' Mitchell, Mr. Lif, Jeff Franca and Ashish Vyas. Their music style mixes elements of dub, acid jazz, reggae, Indian classical, Middle Eastern, hip hop, electronica and Brazilian (such as bossa nova). (from Wikipedia)
This bootleg was recorded during Thieverys performance at the "Operation Ceasefire" concert, a show put on to protest the US's invasion of Iraq. The band at this time were making many political statments in their music, having made several songs with such themes on that years album The Cosmic Game, including the song Revolution Solution which featured alternative rock oddball Perry Farrell.

Source: Soundboard
Sound Quality: 9/10

1.     Intro
2.     Facing East
3.     Omid (Hope) (featuring Hope)
4.     Shadows of Ourselves
5.     Sol Tapado
6.     Liberation Front
7.     Illumination
8.     Exilio
9.     The Heart’s a Lonely Hunter
10.  Truth And Rights
11.  Richest Man in Babylon
12.  Warning Shots
13.  Coming From The Top
14.  Marching the Hate Machines into the Sun

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320kbps mp3

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