Monday, October 6, 2014

Miranda Sex Garden - Live @ VPRO Radio Studios, Hilversum, Netherlands, 31-07-1991

NOTE: Miranda Sex Garden were a music group from London, England. Formed in 1990, they were originally a trio of madrigal singers. Their first album, Madra (1991), was entirely a cappella, with the songs all based on traditional English verse. By their second release, Iris (1992), the sound evolved into a blend of their madrigal-styled vocals with sounds reminiscent of gothic rock, darkwave, ethereal wave, and industrial music. The band split in 2000.

Source: FM Broadcast
Sound Quality: 8/10

1.     Those Sweet Delightful Lilies
2.     Sure There Is No God of Love
3.     When First I Saw Thee
4.     Though My Carriage Be But Careless
5.     Full Fathom Five
6.     If It Be Love
7.     Though Philomela Lost Her Love
8.     Sweet Honey Sucking Bees (stopped due laughter)
9.     Sweet Honey Sucking Bees
10.  Ah, Look upon These Eyes
11.  Go Wailing Accents

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320kbps mp3


  1. FYI...I believe the actual date of this session is 1991, not 1997. My copy of this show is dated 1991, and seeing as how all of the songs are from their debit release ('Madra', released on Mute in 1991), I suspect the 1991 date is the correct one.


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