Wednesday, January 15, 2020

I need some help - "Fixed Post"

Is time to guarantee the blog storage for one more year and i need your help.
Last year i paid the Mega Pro I plan with 1 TB storage (US$99,99). It ends January 21.
But with re-uploads and the new bootlegs, that storage is now in 60%. In the coming months, with more re-ups, I will certainly exceed the 1 TB limit.
Because of this I will buy the plan Mega Pro II with 4 TB storage (US$199.99).

All the donations will help and will be welcome.
I`m not asking for a lot from a few of you, i asking for a little from all of you who come by to visit, to read, to download.
You can help using the Paypal donation button.

NOTE: People who send 12 USD/10 euros or other superior value donation, are able to access exclusive bootlegs (more than 400 available now).

At this time:
Live Bootlegs Blog - 50% is available to download (in 5500 bootlegs)
Heavy Soundboard Bootlegs Blog - 65% is available to download (in 1500 bootlegs)

Many thanks to all people who made donations. They make me keep this blog alive :)
I urge anyone visiting this blog to buy official releases & support the bands by going to there shows if they are still active.

Thanks to all.
Live Bootlegs

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