Saturday, March 9, 2019

Low - Live @ Rock the Garden Festival, Minneapolis, USA, 15-06-2013

NOTE: Yes. One song. 27 minutes. And the crowd didn’t know quite what to think. As folks settled into their places on the grassy hill and the sun peeked out from behind the clouds, Low launched into their song “Do You Know How to Waltz?” and never let up, transitioning the song into one long, slow-burning instrumental build that lasted all the way up until the end of their set time. At one point, sinister sounds started seeping out of Alan Sparhawk’s guitar and it almost sounded like someone was laughing, slowly and evilly, but other than that it was an unmovable wall of noise.
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Source: FM Broadcast
Sound Quality: 10/10

1.     Do You Know How to Waltz?

Please support this artist. Buy their records and merchandise. If band members are still playing shows, go see them live!

320kbps mp3

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