Monday, November 5, 2018



3 important notes:

NOTE 1: The actual host from files is Fileupload (for MP3 and FLAC). I will not change that and I will not put files on other sites (it's not worth asking for).
In the moment i try re-upload all blog to FileUpload and because of that I will put fewer new concerts on the blog untill the end of the year.

NOTE 2: Please do not make requests for concerts or sending other information on the "Requests - Old Links" form. I will not respond. If you want to send other different requests, use the email:

I continue to accept your requests for other old links (use the box requests please), but please be patient, I have a lot re-up requests.

Many thanks to all people who made donations. They make me keep this blog alive :)

Thanks for understanding and enjoy live music :)
Live Bootlegs


  1. Thanks for All your efforts, this is an awesome site!

  2. Hey hey ! Obrigado ! Many thanks for your work, it's just amazing ! Ewen


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