Monday, April 30, 2018

Blur - Live @ Camden Electric Ballroom, London, England, 06-09-1999

NOTE: Only B-Sides were played at this gig.
B-sides have always been a way for Blur to let off steam so they could keep writing the skewed hits to keep record company execs happy. 'Day Upon Day' finishes the set - it's flashback time to the anarchy of the Modern Life Is Rubbish tours that were committed to the Starshaped tourfilm - Graham explodes skyward again and again, Damon spits and screams and then at it's conclusion Dave, of all people, kicks over his drums and prowls offstage scowling.
Rock 'n' roll babylon? Or resentment that too few people knew the songs? Doesn't matter - Blur are firey and awesome even when they play songs you don't know. (Reviewed by NME)

Source: Soundboard
Sound Quality: 10/10

1.     Explain
2.     Mace
3.     Threadneedle Street
4.     Peach
5.     Bone Bag
6.     I'm Fine
7.     Uncle Love
8.     My Sharona (The Knack cover) / Inertia
9.     Luminous
10.  Tame
11.  Fried
12.  I Love Her
13.  Swallows in the Heatwave
14.  No Monsters In Me
15.  Down
16.  Polished Stone
17.  Supa Shoppa
18.  Day Upon Day

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