Thursday, April 5, 2018

24th anniversary Kurt Cobain's death and 16th anniversary Layne Staley death

24th anniversary of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain's death

Cobain and Krist Novoselic met in 1985. Both were fans of The Melvins, and both were interested in forming a band. They worked with a series of drummers (Aaron Burckhard, Dan Peters and Dale Crover of The Melvins, who played on their first demos), before settling on Chad Channing. Channing played on their first album, Bleach, released by Sub Pop records. Bleach was highly influenced by Cobain's then-favorite band, The Melvins, as well as the heavy dirge-rock of Mudhoney.
Nirvana's reign was tragically cut short on April 5, 1994, when Cobain took his own life following at least one earlier suicide attempt and severe bouts with drug addiction, a chronic stomach ailment, and depression. He was 27.

Today also marks the 16th anniversary of Alice In Chains frontman Layne Staley death

In the summer of 1987 , guitarist Jerry Cantrell walked in a raucous Seattle party and saw a man at the center of it all, with bright pink hair pilled atop his head by means of fire poker. "He had a big smile on his face, and he was sitting with two gorgeous woman," Cantrell recalls of the moment he met Layne Staley. Cantrell didn't have a place to live, so Staley took him back to what passed for his residence - a dumpy, piss-smelling rehearsal studio where both would live for the next year.
And when Cantrell heard Staley sing, he was convinced their friendship would be a lasting one: "I knew that voice was theguy I wanted to be playing with. It sounded like it came out of a 350- pound biker rather than skinny little ayne. I considered his voice to be my voice."

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