Friday, November 10, 2017

Chris Cornell - Live @ Personal Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 08-12-2007

Exclusive concert from Live Bootlegs Blog!

Source: Soundboard
Sound Quality: 10/10

1.     Let Me Drown (Soundgarden song)
2.     Outshined (Soundgarden song)
3.     Show Me How to Live (Audioslave song)
4.     You Know My Name
5.     No Such Thing
6.     Be Yourself (Audioslave song)
7.     Hunger Strike (Temple of the Dog song)
8.     Spoonman (Soundgarden song)
9.     Like a Stone (Audioslave song)
10.  Cochise (Audioslave song)
11.  Arms Around Your Love
12.  Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden song)
13.  What You Are (Audioslave song)
14.  Rusty Cage (Soundgarden song)
15.  Can't Change Me
16.  Slaves & Bulldozers / Like Suicide (Soundgarden songs)
17.  4th of July (Soundgarden song)
18.  Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin cover)

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