Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Beastie Boys - Live @ Rock Werchter Festival, Belgium, 28-06-2007

NOTE: Beastie Boys had to stop the show a few times because people were getting crushed at the front of the stage. The band asked everyone to take a step back and pick up the people who had fallen on the ground.
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Source: Soundboard
Sound Quality: 10/10

1.     Gratitude
2.     Time for Livin'
3.     Egg Raid on Mojo
4.     Root Down
5.     Triple Trouble
6.     Sure Shot
7.     Shake Your Rump
8.     Live at P.J.'s
9.     Tough Guy
10.  Sabrosa
11.  Electric Worm
12.  Pass the Mic
13.  Body Movin'
14.  Super Disco Breakin'
15.  Brass Monkey
16.  Off the Grid
17.  Shambala
18.  The Maestro
19.  Remote Control
20.  Three MC's and One DJ
21.  No Sleep Till Brooklyn
22.  Ch-Check It Out
23.  (DJ mix)
24.  So What'cha Want
25.  Intergalactic
26.  Heart Attack Man
27.  (banter)
28.  Sabotage

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Beastie Boys - Live @ Rock Werchter Festival, Belgium, 28-06-2007
246kbps mp3

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