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Pearl Jam - Live @ Sports Arena, San Diego, USA, 06-11-1995

NOTE: Ed opens the show early with the (then) unreleased 'Dead Man.' Later he quips, "So these are the faces I would have seen if I could have lifted my head up in San Francisco." After a long departure from these sort of antics, Ed climbs the speaker stacks and scaffolding during 'Porch.' He includes a bit of the 'Three Little Birds' tag in Porch, repeating the "every little thing's gonna be alright" line a few times. Ben Harper and Kim Warnick (from the Fastbacks) join PJ in 'Rock 'n Roll Star.'

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Sound Quality: 7/10

CD 1
1.     Release
2.     Animal
3.     Last Exit
4.     Even Flow
5.     Dissident
6.     Not For You
7.     Rearviewmirror
8.     Small Town
9.     Go
10.  Tremor Christ
11.  Why Go
12.  Jeremy
13.  Deep
14.  Daughter / (This Boy) (Another Brick in the Wall Pt 2)
15.  (banter)
16.  Corduroy

CD 2
17.  Lukin
18.  Whipping
19.  Immortality
20.  Alive
21.  Black
22.  Blood
23.  Long Road
24.  So You Want to be a Rock 'n Roll Star (Eddie Vedder solo)
25.  Habit
26.  Better Man
27.  (banter)
28.  Leaving Here
29.  Spin the Black Circle
30.  Porch
31.  Indifference

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CD 1
CD 2
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