Tuesday, April 25, 2017

INFO - Downloads


Dear Internet Music Lovers:
After 7 years, Uploaded storaged site suspended my account.

Currently in the 3 blogs are about 4000 bootlegs, and all are now down.
It´s impossible i re-up all now.

I choose from now use another site: Filefactory.

In next days i try re-up all 2017 posts.
After that i accept your requests for other old links (including those who have already sent me in the last month) and put new bootlegs.

Many thanks to all people who made donations :) They make me keep this blog :)

Live Bootlegs


  1. Coachella 2017 please! The xx, Bon Iver, Lorde, Gaga, Moderat (Weekend 2 preferred). Thank you for finding a way to keep this place going, it means a lot to us. Lots of love for this place x

  2. love your site. thank you for all your work and continuing. love the king gizzard. stay tough

  3. Please try to use Zippyshare. They are the best.

  4. When you upload a show to FF are you going to repost it as a new post or do we need to keep checking back on the old posts?

    bte FF nice!...now I will make good on my word.

    1. Some are up now again. I take some days to put all 2017 posts availabele. Then i put posts lists from the others years.

  5. So sorry to hear that. I love your site and greatly appreciate the work you do. Thanks, Peter.

  6. I hate that you are going through the trouble but so, so pumped that you are continuing the blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you - for all you do.

  7. I encourage you to continue with these great sites. Music is art and culture and must be shared, always supporting the bands by attending their concerts and buying their official releases. Thank you very much for all. My last comments were in the last of New Order.
    Pixies man:)

  8. here a word from France to thank you sharing all this good sound. keep on going !
    if possible i would like to have the Viet Cong concert available, and the last King Gizzard...

  9. Just found your great site, please could you reupload the future islands glastonbury show? Will happily donate when up



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