Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Download Instructions

To download click on link in the end of the post and follow the next instructions:

Please register in Filefactory (free) to have more download speed.
Non premium users can only download 1 file every hour
(see the table above for more details)

Click on "Slow Download" and wait some seconds. Next click on "Start Download".
These steps are not necessary if you buy premium downloads.

Then you need to open (unarchive) the files using WinRar program or a similar application. 
If using a Mac you need RAR expander or something similar.
Files are in MP3 (most of them in 320Kps), except when indicated (FLAC versions also available in some cases).

Live Bootlegs

Step 1

Filefactory Details


  1. I got the same virus error. I was able to download just fine, but WINZIP said the file was no good and wouldn't let me open it.

    1. The file is in RAR. Use Winrar and don`t use winzip. Thanks.

  2. Thank you for your amazing collection of shows! Really appreciate all your hard work and sharing them.

    One question: i've been noticing more recently that many of the shows appear to start download as .dmg files (and the size looks much, much smaller)---since this is different than before (where it would just be a folder with .mp3 files), i wasn't sure if that was intentional or a virus, so I haven't downloaded these yet. Can you confirm the .dmg files are legitimate? Thx!

  3. Hi I tried to download the killers at firefly but a error happened and I don't want to wait 3 hours to be able to try and download it again I was wondering if it was possible for you to upload the audio and email me the link please my email is lyncta@aim.com

  4. Gimme the link for 2016 Coachella.

  5. I wish you could put this on some non pay service, these download services are too annoying for mere mortals. I appreciate the few I grabbed. I had recorded some from Sirius but didn't have the patience to edit them and track.

    1. The download service is free, but with some limitations. But is the best to archive the files for more than 2 months.

  6. I have installed Adblocker to protect myself against ads. And now I cannot download from Uploaded since they block me for blocking their ads :-(. So although I used to download quite a lot of shows, this is the end for me and uploaded. No more downloads, since I will not give up on ad blocking.

  7. I just want to say "THANK YOU" for your website. Alot of great Quality shows.Fans don't realize before downloading sites, tape traders had to go underground to get copies of shows and it was extremely rare to get good quality due to generation loss from copies.


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