Friday, December 2, 2016

The Claypool Lennon Delirium - Live @ The Fillmore, Philadephia, USA, 31-08-2016

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Source: Soundboard / Webcast
Sound Quality: 10/10

CD 1
1.     (Intro)
2.     Thela Hun Ginjeet (King Crimson cover)
3.     Cricket and the Genie (Movement I, The Delirium)
4.     Cricket and the Genie (Movement II, Oratorio Di Cricket)
5.     Breath of a Salesman
6.     The Monolith of Phobos
7.     Heart of the Sunrise (instrumental) (Yes cover)
8.     Cosmic Highway (The Les Claypool Frog Brigade cover)
9.     Boomerang Baby
10.  The Mollusk (Ween cover) (with Dean Ween) (live debut)
CD 2
11.  Mr. Wright
12.  In the Court of the Crimson King (King Crimson cover)
13.  Astronomy Domine (Pink Floyd cover)
14.  Captain Lariat
15.  Tomorrow Never Knows (The Beatles cover)
16.  Too Many Puppies (Primus cover) (Les Claypool solo)
17.  Southbound Pachyderm (Primus cover) (with "Pure Imagination" lyrics in the middle)
18.  Pure Imagination?

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CD 1
CD 2
320kbps mp3

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