Sunday, December 25, 2016

2016 Best Bootlegs

Every year at this time come the endless lists of best of the year.
I also decided to choose the 30 best 2016 concerts published in the blog.
It´s merely my opinion... I hope you enjoy the list.

Two guitarists. Two bassists. Two drummers. One harmonica player. Dozens of crowd surfers. Several hundred gallons of sweat. All the riffs. That's a King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard show in a nutshell, although in truth, mere words cannot quite capture the fizzling, riotous experience of the Melbourne seven-piece in action. (from
An eclectic crowd fill every corner of the Metro to witness a band that seems to have broken through to a wider audience with their eighth opus, Nonagon Infinity. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard launch into the opener, Robot Stop, and they literally do not stop for five tracks, ripping through the first half of the album continuously.
They diverge into a brand new song of which it seems they are very adept. Lord Of Lightning melds seamlessly into a set that rolls over us like a malleable musical ooze. The seven-piece must literally play together daily to maintain such a perfectly tight sound.
The duo of drummers are hypnotic in their synchronicity. When the three guitarists harmonise, it’s other-worldly. When they play in unison, it’s ridiculous. The crowd is swept up into a lather over and over. Bodies move loosely, sweat flows profusely. The pulse of the band maintain a beating heart for 90 minutes and after the first song is reprised, the band disappear. (from

Car Seat Headrest kicked off the festival with a set that did a good deal of justice to the band's latest album, Teens of Denial. The sound quality was incredibly crisp the group tore through tracks like "1937 State Park," "Unforgiving Girl" and "Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales," the last of which acted as an important reminder for anyone considering getting behind the wheel of a car after a day of drinking at the fest. A light patch of rain blew in during the middle of the set, but that paled in comparison to what Chicagoans are used to seeing at music festivals. It was a fitting introduction to what's shaping up to be a groovy weekend of tunes. (by Clayton Guse -

And there were Radiohead to cap off a superb weekend with something intangibly… eerie. The band was back in Berlin on the 15th anniversary of September 11, which was also the 15th anniversary of their concert in Berlin. Nobody even mentioned the anniversary, nor was there any tongue-in-cheek discourse about the state of the modern world, but the chill during their last concert in Europe this year was more present than usual (this coming from a person who has seen them multiple times this year). A sense of loss and mourning was pervasive, creeping in from behind throughout the show. (from


  1. I appreciate you sharing your opinions with us. After all, you've heard more of these than any single downloader. Thanks also for the amazing shares. Cooler than Canada in January!

  2. Almost at the end but they are Jane's Addiction :) Great show.


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