Friday, December 25, 2015

2015 Best Bootlegs

Every year at this time come the endless lists of best of the year.
I also decided to choose the 20 best 2015 concerts published in the blog.
It´s merely my opinion... I hope you enjoy the list.

"What's up City Limits? I love me some City Limits," says the Strokes' frontman Julian Casablancas after the New York-based band pulls at the heartstrings of old-school fans first-timers alike crowding the Samsung Galaxy stage. "What Ever Happened," the Room on Fire track that sports one of contemporary rock's catchiest 8-bar guitar solos, closes the main set for its first live showing anywhere since 2011. And the crowd literally goes wild (tears of joy stream down a few faces) like this is friggin' Beatlemania.
"Thanks so much. I hope you guys have … wonderful lives," offers the shaggy-haired frontman in parting, once again plunging the group's fans into uncertainty regarding just how long they'll have to wait for an ACL return.

The Australian powerhouse were quick to unleash their latest hit, “Let it Happen”, for the benefit of 25,000 people that sold out the festival in part because of them - from the youngest first-timer to the elder regulars in Paredes de Coura, pretty much everyone wanted to watch their set, which resulted in an over packed audience. Tame Impala were the most entertaining whenever they played the most energetic songs off their previous albums (”Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?”, “Elephant”, “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”, “Apocalypse Dreams”).

Kurt Vile and The Violators transformed, maybe even transcended, the basic parameters of today’s “norm core,” with that newest of the new: “altcore”; a sold-out show welcomed the cultish materialization of plaid, and flannels, and mustaches, and glasses, and relaxed skinny jeans, and slightly out-of-shape men, and a general attitude of, well, blah-laced surrender.
Vile offers an honest, and more importantly candid look into his own soul, and the souls of those who turn out to see him play. Love and life are fickle games; but something in seeing Kurt Vile and The Violators play, makes everything feel just a little bit simpler.

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