Friday, August 28, 2015

The Stranglers - Live @ Reading Festival, England, 30-08-1987

NOTE: The Stranglers are an English rock band who emerged via the punk rock scene. Scoring some 23 UK top 40 singles and 17 UK top 40 albums to date in a career spanning four decades, the Stranglers are one of the longest-surviving and most "continuously successful" bands to have originated in the UK punk scene of the mid to late 1970s. Beginning life as the Guildford Stranglers on 11 September 1974 in Guildford, Surrey, they originally built a following within the mid-1970s pub rock scene. (from Wikipedia)

Not the complete show - missing 7 tracks.

Source: FM Broadcast
Sound Quality: 9/10

1.     No More Heroes
2.     Was It You?
3.     Down In The Sewer
4.     Nice In Nice
5.     Punch and Judy
6.     Souls
7.     Always The Sun
8.     Golden Brown
9.     North Winds
10.  Big In America
11.  Who Wants The World?
12.  Bring On The Nubiles
13.  Shakin' Like A Leaf
14.  Toiler On The Sea

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