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Nirvana - Live @ Roseland Ballroom, New York, USA, 23-07-1993

NOTE: Just hours before this gig, singer Kurt Cobain overdosed on heroin in his hotel and had to be revived by his friend Michael DeWitt. Cobain came around and played the gig; the audience was clueless about his near-death experience. “Everyone wanted to be at that gig,” remembers the band’s former UK booking agent Russell Warby. “I remember Debbie Harry called me up and tried to get on the guest list, but I couldn’t fit her in.”
This was the first show with Lori Goldston on cello.
This was the only show with "Big" John Duncan on second guitar. He played on "Drain You," "Tourette's," "Aneurysm," and "Very Ape."
Roseland Ballroom close its doors for good in April 2014.

Not the complete show - missing last track "Endless, Nameless".
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Source: Audience
Sound Quality: 5/10

1.     Serve the Servants
2.     Scentless Apprentice
3.     School
4.     Breed
5.     Lithium
6.     Come as You Are
7.     Milk It
8.     Drain You
9.     Tourette's
10.  Aneurysm
11.  Very Ape
12.  Blew
13.  Heart-Shaped Box
14.  Rape Me
15.  Territorial Pissings
16.  (banter)
17.  All Apologies
18.  Polly
19.  Dumb
20.  Something in the Way
21.  Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Lead Belly cover)
22.  Smells Like Teen Spirit

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