Friday, February 27, 2015

Bikini Kill - Live @ 7th St. Entry, Minneapolis, USA, 12-08-1991

NOTE: Bikini Kill was an American rock band formed in Olympia, Washington in October 1990. The group consisted of vocalist and songwriter Kathleen Hanna, guitarist Billy Karren, bassist Kathi Wilcox, and drummer Tobi Vail. The band is widely considered to be the pioneer of the riot grrrl movement, and was notorious for its radical feminist lyrics and fiery performances. Their music is characteristically abrasive and hardcore-influenced. After two full-length albums, several EPs and two compilations, they disbanded in 1997. (from Wikipedia)

Source: Soundboard
Sound Quality: 7/10

1.     (Intro)
2.     Anthem
3.     Suck My Left One
4.     Resist Psychic Death
5.     Double Dare Ya
6.     Carnival
7.     Feels Blind
8.     This Is Not A Test
9.     Don't Need You
10.  White Boy
11.  (Improvised Song)
12.  Lil Red
13.  Outta Me

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