Thursday, November 13, 2014

Compilation - Live @ Reading Festival, England, 2002

NOTE: Leeds Festival featured large amounts of rioting that caused the Festival to be re-located the following year.

Exclusive concert from Live Bootlegs Blog!

Source: Soundboard / TV Broadcast

1.     Pulp - Babies
2.     Pulp - Common People
3.     Ash - A Life Less Ordinary
4.     Ash - Kung Fu
5.     The Hives - Stop And Think It Over
6.     The Hives - a.k.a. I.D.I.O.T
7.     The Soundtrack of Our Lives - Sister Surround
8.     Feeder - Quick fade
9.     Blink-182 - All The Small Things
10.  Less Than Jake - Anchor
11.  Sum 41 - In Too Deep
12.  Amen - Piss Virus
13.  Incubus - Nice To Know You
14.  Incubus - Wish You Were Here
15.  Slipknot - Purity
16.  Slipknot - My Plague

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  1. Thanks ! Nice way to gives a chance to discoveries. I can't find the Reading 2002 hives show in your site.
    Could you upload this if it is not from 2002-05-04 london brixton academy ?
    It's a "best audience of my life" one and the Hives can give it all, concerning high energy !


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