Monday, February 17, 2014

Woodstock Festival

To commemorating the 45th anniversary of the original Woodstock festival that took place in August 1969 and the 15 years of last edition, in the next months i will put Woodstock shows with great sound quality, complete setlists and some new performances (in the blog).
I hope you enjoy.

Live Bootlegs


  1. The most important musical event in the 20. century. If you can deliver anything new from that event, my applause :-)

  2. Suban a la página "links" de este gran concierto, no encuentro en ningún lado por favor que sea completo el concierto.Muchas gracias

  3. thank you man, we love you for

  4. puedo sugerir algunos de los que no he encontrado los cuales son muy bueno encontrar por aki.

    Live band woodstock 99
    live band woodstock 94
    roosted root 99
    santana woodstock 94
    Chemical brothers woodstock 99
    Sheryl crow woodstock 99
    cranberries woodstock 94
    Collective soul woodstock 94
    Collective soul woodstock 99

    please please please

    gracias thanks to you.

    1. i have and put in next weeks:
      Live 99
      Santana 94
      Chemical Brothers 99
      Sheryl Crow 99
      Collective Soul 99

    2. ;) excellent !!! the best, im going to wait for it.
      thanks again.


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