Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Legendary Tigerman - Live @ Optimus Alive Festival, Portugal, 13-07-2013

NOTE: Paulo Furtado, known by his stage name The Legendary Tigerman, is a Portuguese musician. As the Legendary Tigerman, he plays blues music in a one-man band style, accompanying his singing with guitar, harmonica and drums alone on stage. Furtado is also the lead vocalist and primary songwriter of the rock band WrayGunn and formerly played in the historic rockabilly group Tédio Boys. (from Wikipedia)

Source: Soundboard

1.     Walkin Downtown
2.     Naked Blues
3.     Light Me Up Twice
4.     Then Came The Pain
5.     Crawdad Hole
6.     Walking Downtown
7.     Gotta Go Away
8.     Radio & Tv Blues
9.     The Saddest Thing To Say
10.  Bad Luck Rhythm'n'Blues Machine
11.  Green Onions
12.  Big Black Boat

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