Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Stone Roses - Live @ Reading Festival, England, 26-08-1996

NOTE: This concert is historic, because is considered one of the worst gigs of all time.
Not the complete show - missing 2 tracks.

Exclusive concert from Live Bootlegs Blog!

Source: Soundboard

1.     She Bangs The Drums
2.     Waterfall
3.     High Time
4.     Ten Story Love Song
5.     Daybreak
6.     Love Spreads
7.     Made of Stone
8.     I Am The Resurrection
9.     Ice Cold Cube
10.  Breaking Into Heaven

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320kbps mp3


  1. funny saw them in 96 in philadelphia and it was one of the worst shows ive ever seen
    it was hot inside and out they played for maybe 25 minutes

  2. Thank you for this great laughing time ! The show is not that bad, when the drummer put the blankets off his set and when the guitarist is not doing a solo. The voice is so lazy, out of tempo...
    If it was taped on cassette, I will said that it was with the wrong speed. Great effort on "I am the resurrection" (looks like a first rehearsal).
    But I've heard worse : pil, the 1978-12-20 at bruxelles théâtre. Everyone speaks to be less bored, the first song is a conventional slow jazz piece, and everything get worse after that. The audience whissle (in Europe, it meant the opposite) and Lydon becomes Rotten for a "you are the fascists".
    Lot of fun, but nothing on the music side.
    But both shows are amazing if you compare it with mainstream music played almost everywhere.


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