Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mojave 3 - Live @ The Moonshine Festival, Laguna Beach, USA, 10-10-2004

NOTE: Mojave 3 are a British band, consisting of Neil Halstead, Rachel Goswell, Simon Rowe, Alan Forrester, and Ian McCutcheon. Goswell, Halstead and McCutcheon previously played in Thames Valley shoegazing band Slowdive.
The band initially existed as a trio, consisting of Halstead, Goswell, and McCutcheon. After Slowdive were dropped by Creation Records, the trio decided to change musical direction to a dream pop/country rock/folk music style, and were signed by 4AD Records. They took on the new name "Mojave," following a suggestion by Wendy Fonarow, but upon the discovery of another band already using the name, the "3" was added (in reference to the group's three members). Rowe (formerly of Chapterhouse) and Forrester joined shortly after the release of their first album. (from Wikipedia)

Source: Soundboard
Sound Quality: 8/10 

01 See You On Rooftops
02 Two Stones In My Pocket
03 Driving With Bert
04 Sleeping On Roads
05 Who Do You Love?
06 Yer Feet

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320kbps mp3

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